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6. A multiple-choice solution to the problem of getting planning permission for Wind Farms

Unbelievably, for those unaquainted with the League of Gentlemen, it seems that the British countryside is populated with a number of ignorant and inbred imbeciles, who, when they are not mounting sheep, mount moronic campaigns against ... repressive regimes? the evils of chemical agri business? No, they tilt against windmills.

Wind Farm

These evil windmills apparently damage the landscape and make unnatural noises. Oo Arr. Well, I can tell you that in my occassional forays into the fresh air, I have actually found wind turbines that you can go right up to while they are going round. And they are QUIET! And things of great beauty too.

Meanwhile, the campaigns go on, making it very hard for anyone to build a wind farm without spending a great deal of money going through a whole lot of legal pain and tribulation.

My excellent solution to this problem would be to revise the planning laws for wind farms along the following lines. Anyone living near a proposed wind farm would get a simple, multiple-choice form to fill out:

Public Consultation for proposed Wind Farm at Fulchester-by-Sea

Please tick ONE of the following:

  I have no objection to the proposed Wind Farm.
  I would like a nuclear power plant built at the bottom of my garden.
  I would like to go off-grid. Please send engineers to disconnect me immediately.