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By Chris Ryan

As you would expect, another adrenaline-fueled chase (around Britain, Spain and the Meditaranean) from cynically weary but lethal ex-SAS types. This time, our hero is severely in debt to the Costa del Sol mafia and offered a big job which should be easy money. Except that it involves Al Quaida and their top asassin. And his team includes an especially hated old foe. Of course no job of this kind ever goes exactly to plan, and before you know it, the body count is mounting like assasination is going out of fashion.

There's plently of fascinating geurilla-warfare style detail, and even some romantic interest to round things out.

Thrillers are, by their very nature, plot-driven, and this is where this book falls down. Without wishing to spoil it, most of the book is about a search, neglecting the most obvious and likely place. This isn't the only deficiency. I doubt that many female MI6 officers look and dress like supermodels, live in Thameside penthouses and shag anything that moves. Except in squadie fantasies perhaps.

Needless to say, the job is not all what it seems, and our surviving heroes have to cope with the gradual unveiling of a much bigger picture.

Despite its deficiences, an OK read, although ultimately not the most satisfying.