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Bee Season (2005)

Unbearably twee, drags, unrepresentative Hare Krishna bit, 19 April 2006
Author: Arjuna Krishna-Das from United Kingdom

We took this film out to see the Hare Krishna bit. But it was rather disappointing. There was no explanation of why the son was attracted to Hare Krishna beyond being attracted to the pretty Hare Krishna girl Charlie. She gives him a book, but we cannot see the cover. Dad gives plenty of speculative quasi-religious philosophy in his lecture and to the daughter, so why we are spared so much as a "we are not these bodies" is beyond me. Then before you can click your fingers, the son is wearing the saffron robes of a bramachari monk while being woken by Charlie's kisses in the temple. Yeah, right. The producers did involve devotees, submitted a script and received suggestions back, but apparently ignored the feedback, and preferred to leave the Krishna conscious part confused and enigmatic. The one good bit is a great kirtana. Then the first time the dad shows any interest in his son it is to charge into the temple, threatening the devotee who answers the door to get his son "back". Yawn.

Apart from that, the film seriously drags. You could summarise what happens in about three sentences. Plus, it's unbearably twee, with non-stop emotional moments. The ending is similarly confused and enigmatic. I suppose the acting is good, but you can't make a good film out of a bad script. No stars.