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Napa 1Gb MP3 player

Bought from Dixons, July 2005, £75

Nice, but similar now available for next-to-nothing

Update: I've just had a go of a 2008 version. It seems to use the same chipset and much the same software and costs around £10. It now has (awkward) folder navigation and flashing colours on the display but apart from that is much the same. Personally I would just buy a normal USB stick and a decent music player, but if you want something cheap for sports maybe...

Was shopping for a USB memory stick in PC World, but they were all a bit boring. Found this in Dixons. The assistant treated me a bit like a visitor from Mars when I asked for a demo, but did offer to refund if I wasn't happy with it. I am. It's pretty cool. Most 512 Mb sticks I found were £40 upwards; this is a much more usefull double-the-capacity stick with an MP3 player thrown in. Not quite a dislike, but beware that it's too chunky to mate with some laptops that have recessed USB sockets - but hey, they do include a USB extension lead, so you can't really complain.

Like: Price, Design style, sound quality, firmware upgradable, included USB extension lead, necklace mount/integrated headphones, mono record facility.

Dislike: Crud (no) navagation through songs/folders (just forward/back through 1 Gb of songs ... perhaps a firmware upgrade will cure this), poor manual, no manufacturer's website (but there is one from the chipset designer), digital noise on record, not rechargable through USB.