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The following is software & services that I like. I don't have time or space for slagging off crapware. Happily, many of these companies pay a pittance for me to plug them. Don't worry. I don't plug crap.

Market-leaders, for good reason. in an almost-commoditised market, UK2 come up with the goods, efficiently, and for a reasonable price. Most of my sites use UK2 except where clients dictate otherwise.

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search 

This is a fab site for anyone who needs to produce websites, marketing materials or anything else requiring a great selection of original royalty-free photos. It's dirt-cheap (currenly $1-$2) and very web 2.0, which means that you can also upload photos and get half the revenue on a recurring, put-your-feet-up basis. Not only, but also, plently of helpful advice on photography and flogging photos.


DigiGuide, the best TV guide

As it sa. If you must watch TV, know what's on, on your PC. There's also web versions, which I've never used, which presumably let you do it from a ninternet cafe or Aplle or something.