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William Morgan Saab

Saab service and repair, Bedminster, Bristol

Used thrice, 2004, August 2005 and August 2006

Pleasant, helpful and competent Saab-trained mechanic

A neighbour recommended Willaim Morgan to me and I'm happy to do so to the world at large. Mr Morgan is a very pleasant, helpful and competent Saab-trained mechanic who, together with his son, makes my Saab 900 run like new. He and his colleagues offered a 12,000 mile service for £95 + VAT, and recently replaced my back exhaust for less than ATS quoted. Didn't get round to fixing my blocked centre vents, which is apparently a big job requiring removal of the dashboard that he didn't have time to do. Courtesy car included and delivered to your door if you're lucky (an old 9000).

If you are fortunate enough to own a Saab and live in Bristol then he's your man. In fact, it's well worth visiting Bristol and getting your Saab a service with him while you're here. Flogged me a gorgeous set of alloys from a written-off 93 for £100! but incorrectly stated that they wouldn't improve handling ( :) and I didn't need the 93 wheel nuts as they were same as the ones for the steel wheelz. Tip: Next time you're vulchuring a 93, get a fifth headrest thrown in.

Phone: 0117 953 5362, 07967 404 071